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However, these contentions are not adequately supported. In his introduction to the fifth chapter, AkAi??am gives special attention Purchase to Talat Pasha’s memorandum of May 26, 1915, which outlined the stated reasons for the Armenian relocation and was submitted to Grand Vizier Said Halim Pasha.

AkAi??am argues that the document had never been rendered in mode Turkish in its entirety (p. However, this is not true the entire text of the document Cheap in mode Turkish is actually found in a document collection on the issue.

11 AkAi??am notes that the Ottoman authorities’ main goal was to remove the possibility of the establishment of an independent Order Armenian state within the boundaries of the empire. Few would dispute this assertion. In order to support it, AkAi??am approvingly quotes from Talat Pasha’s telegram of August 29, 1915, sent to various provinces and sanjaks (pp.

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Yet, when discussing a different matter some 130 pages later, he changes his mind about the reliability of this document and dismisses the very same telegram as part of “a great deception” (pp. AkAi??am makes no effort to address the question of why a document that he approvingly quoted in one instance should be dismissed as unreliable in another. AkAi??am Purchase argues that the relocation of the Armenians went beyond being a temporary security measure and was aimed at “terminally solving the Easte Question” through the extermination of the Armenians. He argues this can be deduced from a letter by the influential CUP member Bahaettin Azakir Bey, quoted by the Turkish joualist Ahmet Emin Yalman (p. Stretching the point further, AkAi??am observes important “similarities” between this alleged “letter” and two letters attributed to Bahaettin Azakir by Aram Andonian (p.

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However, Yalman was not quoting “from a letter of Bahaettin Azakir,” as AkAi??am contends, but Often you’re interested in retu to or investigate papers dissertation service skilled dissertation writers practical reviews that assess the most suitable essay writing services was conveying a rumor. 15 According to AkAi??am, the CUP’s Central Committee arrived at the decision to annihilate the Armenian population in March 1915 (pp. However, the memoirs of Arif Cemil Denker (to be discussed later), which AkAi??am uses as his source, do not support such an assertion, but only mention that the “relocation” of Armenians was decided without implying any destructive designs.

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AkAi??am further maintains that some officials who opposed the govement’s policy buy metoclopramide uk in this regard were removed from office.

He notes, for instance, that ReAYit Pasha, the goveor of Kastamonu province, was removed because he opposed the deportations within his province (p. However, it is noteworthy that, even after the removal of Goveor ReAYit Pasha, the Interior Ministry in several communiquAi??s dispatched to the province still instructed the local authorities to not deport the Armenians in Kastamonu. At present, the Armenians there will not be relocated. ” 17 AkAi??am argues that the goveors who were removed from office later testified before the “Commission on the Investigation of Evil Acts,” as well as the post-war military tribunals, that they were removed because of their opposition to the deportations. As an example, AkAi??am cites how “Mazhar Bey,” the former goveor of Ankara, explained his case (p. online However, the pronouncement quoted by AkAi??am was not made by Mazhar himself, neither to the mentioned commission nor to the post-war tribunals, but was instead attributed to Mazhar Bey by a person named Mehmet Radi.

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